Muse Covid-19 Management Plan



The current COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything any of us have ever had to face. It has disrupted the entire world around us, and continues to pose a huge threat to livelihoods, our well-being and the future of our sector.

At Muse we are doing everything we can to traverse the situation and to ensure our customers’ return is as safe and comfortable as possible.

On top of our already rigorous cleaning standards, we have implemented the following processes and procedures to mitigate any risks: temperature checks on our team daily; increased hand washing; face masks for the whole team; and separate hand sanitizing stations for staff and our guests. We will also manage the times of our reservations to minimise the number of guests arriving simultaneously.

As the situation is ever changing, our plans for our restaurant will evolve to ensure that we are compliant with government guidelines. Our overall goal is to create a safe and hospitable environment for our team and our customers, so that we can return to a place of normality and continue to create many more special memories together, as Muse continues its own journey.



The health and well-being of our staff is, and has always been, our number one priority as a family business. Now more than ever this is crucial to create a comfortable surrounding for our team. We have developed the following guidelines for our staff to ensure theirs, and the guests, safety.


  • Staff hand washing taking place every 30 minutes, and immediately after coughing or sneezing.
  • Temperature checks to take place prior to every shift.
  • Although current government guidelines indicate that wearing a face covering in a restaurant is optional, we have provided face coverings for all our team to help mitigate any risk in the workplace.
  • Sanitiser stations are located various entry points including both kitchens and key back of house areas.
  • Good personal hygiene as always is an important requirement for all of our team members. Staff must change into work clothes in allocated locations at work where possible.
  • Any team members who record a temperature above 37.5 degrees will be asked to return home and follow self-isolation government guidelines for those who experience symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Any team members who demonstrate symptoms of COVID-19 will be instructed to return home and self-isolate for 14 days in accordance with the current guidelines.
  • Any team members who share a home with someone who has symptoms of COVID-19 must notify their managers and they will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days in line with government guidelines.


Guest Experience

The Muse experience is a concept built around atmosphere, engagement, building connections and going over and above to deliver exceptional service at every step of the guest journey.

We are all having to adapt to the current situation and whilst hospitality and good service is embedded into Muse, this crisis has forced us to adopt more streamlined measures in the short term until it is deemed acceptable for us to return to a setting that allows our exceptionally high service standards. We ask for your consideration of this during this difficult time. Hospitality doesn’t work without personal touches and we can’t wait for the day this will return as normal, in the interim our aim is to make the experiences we provide as comfortable, safe and memorable as possible.

We kindly ask you to make use of the hand sanitiser available upon entry. It will also be available throughout the meal should you wish to use it.

If you have made a reservation with us but start to feel unwell, or show other symptoms of covid-19 we ask you to kindly contact our reservations team and they would be more than happy to reschedule your reservation. 


Site Hygiene

  • In addition to strict cleaning measures already applied at Muse, all surfaces in the restaurant and kitchen areas will be regimentally cleaned at a minimum of every 30 minutes.

  • Surfaces will be cleaned with disposable products, where possible, including blue roll and following manufacturer’s instructions for dilution, application and contact times for all detergents and disinfectants.
  • Daily site cleaning will be increased for dedicated disinfecting measures on all key contact points and high traffic areas before opening to the public.
  • Washroom maintenance will be increased to every 30 minutes, paying particular attention to frequently touched areas and surfaces, such as taps and door handles.
  • Tables and seating will be deep cleaned after each sitting to allow for a more thorough breakdown and disinfecting process.
  • All linen is only used once before being laundered by our external linen company. We will also not handle guest linen during your meal, and are more than happy to offer replacement linen if a guest so requires.


Social Distancing

  • Team members must strive to achieve social distancing measures of 1 metre when arriving to and from work.
  • Kitchen areas will have maximum limited occupants at any one time.
  • Smaller spaces such as offices and walk in fridges will be restricted to 1 occupant at any one time.
  • Key areas of congregation, including break areas, corridors, and locker rooms will be carefully maintained, and social distancing measures will be followed where possible.
  • The number of employees to interact with different tables will be reduced to minimise contact.
  • Our reservations will be managed so that less customers are booked in at the same time, and there will be less traffic of guests entering and leaving the restaurants at the same time.
  • 1 metres plus social distancing applies between tables, and at our kitchen counter seating by our staff wearing face masks, side to side seating, and no face to face interaction between different guests.



At Muse there is only one washroom, located on the ground floor. If a guest wishes to use the washroom and it is occupied, we will ask the guest to wait at their table and we will notify them when the washroom becomes available.